What’s in the tuna fruit?

A fruit stand at a tuna fruit stand in Hobart, Western Australia, is to open in the northern city.

The new stand will be part of a network of about 30 fruit stands around the state.

News.au’s Victoria Ross investigates what’s in a tuna apple and orange stand.

A new stand is to be part in the network of fruit stands in Hobarts northern suburbs.

The Hobart City Council is hoping to have the first fruit stand open by early 2019.

The Tasmanian-owned Tasmanian Fresh Produce has been in Hobarty for over 40 years and the city council said it wanted to start new fruit and vegetable stands to provide fresh produce and the local community with a healthy alternative to the local supermarket chains.

“This is a great opportunity to have an exciting new industry and I think it will be a fantastic addition to our community,” said council member for the south, Richard Jones.

Tasmania Fresh Produces chairman, Tim Collins said the new stand would give local people an alternative to supermarket chains and help Tasmanians to stay on top of local food trends.

“It’s a great start to this market which will be here for a long time and the growth that’s happening, that’s coming,” he said.

“The market will grow in Tasmania, Tasmania will continue to grow.”

The Tasmanians have been importing tuna from overseas and they are currently looking to expand their supply.

In Hobart city, the new fruit stand will also offer Tasmanians an opportunity to eat locally grown fruit from around the world.