‘It’s a great opportunity’: Panthers star to become a fan favorite in the Wild-Capitals series

The New York Rangers are hosting the Carolina Hurricanes for Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals.

The game will take place on Saturday, Oct. 19, and will air on NBCSN and the NHL Network.

Here are some highlights from Game 2: CARRIE BROWN (Stars) has had a pretty great start to the season.

She scored twice in the Stars’ first two games, then added two assists in the first two of the second period on Saturday.

She has been on fire for the Stars this season, posting four goals and five assists in her first two starts.

This has been the best season of her career.

JENNIFER LENNON (Flyers) has been solid on the power play, getting four shots on goal in the two games.

The Flyers have outscored their opponents by a combined 12-4.

The Stars are 3-1-0 against the Anaheim Ducks and 6-1 in their past nine games against the Ducks.

T.J. ROLLINS (Flyer) has four goals, five assists and eight points in his past five games.

His two goals and two assists against the Flyers on Friday were his second-most points of the season behind his eight points on Saturday night.

KIRBY HANNA (Capitals) has scored at least two goals in three of his past four games and is fourth in the league in goals scored.

He has two goals, three assists and a plus-three rating in his last five games against Washington.

The Capitals have won seven straight games and six of their past seven games against New Jersey.

JONATHAN BOWLINS (Sabres) has three goals, eight points and two penalty minutes in the past three games.

He had five points in three games against Nashville.

How to eat your fruits without breaking the law

A fruitless week may well be over, but fruit-eating is still not a crime in Spain.

The country has not made a formal ban on eating fruit for any purpose, and the police still monitor the supply of the fruit in supermarkets and grocery stores.

But it has made it a crime to eat the fruit, with fines of up to €50 and jail terms of up from six months. 

If you do break the law and get caught, you could end up behind bars for months.

There are only a few countries that actually outlaw fruit, including Russia, the Philippines and Indonesia.

But the country has the most stringent fruit-eaters’ rights law in Europe, which makes it a criminal offence to consume fruit and fruit products on private property.

This means that you could be fined up to 100,000 euros (about $133,000) if you’re caught eating on private land.

In the past, fruit-purchasers have been prosecuted in the courts, but the authorities have also made fruit-consuming a crime with a fine of up $2,000.

And the fruit-related arrests have been rising.

A report from Spain’s Institute for Research on Food and Agriculture last year found that there had been more than 8,600 arrests of people caught with fruit over the past five years.

“This is a worrying trend,” said María García, a researcher at the institute.

The government says that it does not believe that people are becoming more picky about fruit, but there are concerns about the effect that eating fruit on private grounds can have on local people and the environment.

It’s also not clear whether the fruits are being consumed legally, since there are no official statistics on the subject.

But some believe that fruit-picking on private estates could become a problem in the future, since the government plans to build a massive fruit-processing plant at the site of the nearby airport, which is expected to create thousands of jobs.