Why do you think Japanese don’t like gum?

By Yoko OnoI’d been asking myself this question recently when I found myself thinking about a piece of gum I’d heard on the BBC about how the Japanese were fond of eating fruit, but hadn’t really thought about it before. 

And then I saw a little box that said, “Gum is the food of Japan.”

I couldn’t help but ask myself: What kind of food is this?

As I began to ponder, I thought about my own family, the Japanese, and my family’s history.

I realized that my family, my Japanese friends, and the Japanese people all share a lot of similarities with one another, but also a lot that is unique to each group.

And I think this is why they have such different opinions about chewing gum, whether or not they eat it.

If I was to start talking about the Japanese eating gum, the answer would be a lot different from the answer that I have for the Japanese about chewing.

For example, I think Japanese people will agree that the Japanese love eating their gum because it gives them energy.

And gum also gives you a good feeling because of its sweet, savory flavor.

I also think that Japanese people think that they can enjoy their gum without any effort, and without thinking about it at all.

They have this really natural urge to enjoy it.

And the Japanese are not wrong.

When I was growing up, I had a lot to learn about gum chewing and how to eat gum, and when I grew up, they also began to learn to eat it more.

But, as I became a more adult and started to learn more about gum, I noticed that Japanese chewing gum has gotten a lot less sweet.

And that’s because the Japanese have evolved to enjoy more of the flavor.

It’s not like Japanese people are chewing on some kind of candy.

The Japanese people love their gum just as much as any other food they eat.

So when the Japanese start eating gum they’re actually enjoying the flavors of the food they’re eating, and they’re enjoying the taste of the gum.

So what is gum?

What does gum taste like?

The Japanese don,t eat any sort of artificial sweetener.

The main flavor of the Japanese chewing is the savory, sweet flavor.

But the Japanese also like to eat more of that savory taste, and it’s really a natural desire to eat a little bit of that sweet flavor in their gum.

Gum contains sugar, so it is really very sweet and salty.

Gum is a natural sugar source.

And the sweet taste is important because you’re trying to break down those sugars.

And sugar also provides energy.

So you have to keep the sweetness going to get energy from the gum, which is why the Japanese prefer to eat their gum when it’s not too sweet, or they’ve been chewing it for a long time and they don’t feel as energetic as they should be eating a little less sweet gum.

I’ve found that gum that is less sweet, more savory tastes better for me.

And it gives me a lot more energy, which in turn makes me want to chew it more than I might otherwise.

I’m also more likely to enjoy chewing when I can feel the gum is more of a reward, rather than when I’m just craving something to chew on.

And when you’re craving something, you might be tempted to eat too much.

And then of course there’s the added flavor of being chewing gum.

I’ve noticed that my mouth has a really pleasant sensation when I start chewing gum and I can’t help it.

And then when I stop chewing, I can taste the sweet gum flavor and the salty flavor.

And gum is so sweet that I’ve also been known to have a little more than a sip of it in my mouth.

And this is probably because of the savoring aspect of the sweet, salty flavor of gum.

The savory sweetness and savory saltiness of the sweetness and saltiness and sweetness of the saltiness are combined in a way that is very pleasing to the palate.

So the gum that you’re chewing has so much flavor.

It has a very strong savory smell, and also it has this sweet, sweet, sour flavor.

So gum has this natural sweetness and salty flavor that makes it very attractive to the taste buds.

And of course it’s a great way to have fun, too.

I like to take gum with me when I travel, because I can enjoy the savor of eating gum and enjoy it in a different way.

And this is one reason why Japanese chewing gums are so popular.

It gives you this natural, sweet savory sensation, and you don’t have to think about it.

It’s something that just happens naturally.

I think the Japanese enjoy chewing gum because the savors and sweet flavors are a part of the experience, and then the salt, which I think is very important for many Japanese, is also part of

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