YoYo is launching a new fruit basket featuring guava, blueberries, and mango!

YoYo has launched a new basket featuring avocado, blueberry, mango, and guava fruits.

The basket, which is called YoYo Fruit, will be available in the U.S. beginning in October.

The company’s new YoYo fruit basket will be a one-stop shop for the company’s assortment of fruit and fruit products.

YoYo also announced that it will offer two new fruit baskets, one for the U, one in the UK.

The YoYo Banana and YoYo Blackberry fruit baskets will be sold in the United States.

YoYu has also announced plans to expand into the U for the first time.

YoYU has been expanding its portfolio of fruit in the States, with plans to offer fresh fruit in store and online starting in October of next year.

The new YoYu Fruit will be stocked in supermarkets across the U and offer customers the opportunity to buy a variety of fruit, including avocados, mangoes, avocadoes, and even guavas.