What the fruit bowl in the fruit stand is like

Fruit bowls in the Fruit Stand are just one of the many fun, interactive attractions at the annual Orange County Fair, which will be held on April 4.

While the fair is filled with food and fun, there’s a lot of history behind the rides, which are part of the Orange County Historical Festival.

The rides include a fun, nostalgic look at the fair’s history, and a ride called “Orange County” that looks like a train.

(The Orange County Railroad is the official transportation of Orange County.)

The rides are themed around Orange County, including the Orange River, the Disneyland Railroad, the Magic Kingdom, and the Walt Disney World Railroad.

There’s also a “Bagel Barn” ride that includes a wagon that features a bagel that’s been built out of bananas and eggs.

The fair’s fairgoes are fun and interactive, but also provide a place to get your family and friends together.

There are plenty of other fun attractions and activities happening at the Orange Fairgrounds, which include rides, games, a kids zone, and more.

Orange County fairgo is April 4 and 6 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

The Orange County Festival is the largest event in Orange County for food, music, art, crafts, and other activities.

Find all the details at the county fairgrounds.

Orange Fairgo is open April 4-6.

Visit www.ocflc.com/fair for more information.