Strawberry ‘cranberry’ recipe: Strawberry, cranberry, lime, lemon, orange and orange juice, with ‘fruit smoothies’

If you’re a strawberry lover and you’re not sure how to prepare your own strawberries, this easy strawberry ‘crawberry’ is a great way to go.

Made with a simple but delicious mix of cranberries, lemon juice and a dash of lime, this delicious, healthy recipe is great for any occasion.

And it’s a quick way to get all those strawberry goodness juices, too.

The recipe comes together in a few minutes and can be made ahead of time.

It also has plenty of fruit to add in as well.

Read on for how to make this strawberry ‘basket’ strawberry smoothie.

1) Make the cranberries 1.

Make the strawberries by chopping the strawberries into bite-sized chunks.

This will make them easy to squeeze out.


Combine all the cranberry juice, lime juice and orange and lime juice ingredients in a small bowl.


Add the cran-berries to the bowl with the cranfruit chunks and mix until the strawberries are combined.


Pour into a glass bowl and let it sit in the fridge overnight.


In the morning, stir together the lime and lemon juice ingredients and serve in a serving glass. 6. Enjoy!