Yoshi’s new fruit adventure!

Posted February 07, 2020 05:37:13 Yoshi’s New Fruit Adventure will be returning to Nintendo Switch as a seasonal event in March.

The game will feature new fruits and vegetables that have a variety of tastes and effects.

The new game mode is called “Fruit Cravings” and it’s the same one that made the game a Nintendo Switch exclusive in 2016.

The fruit-themed mode can be completed in four stages: fruit, vegetable, dairy, and dessert.

Fruit Cravings can be unlocked by playing through the game with four other friends and by earning 100 coins during the event.

You can see a trailer for the event below.

You can find the official Nintendo Switch website for more information on the game and other Nintendo Switch content.

The next Yoshi’s Nintendo Switch game will be Yoshi’s Story, due out in 2019.