How to win over an apple in the new ‘Mad Men’ season 7

The season finale of AMC’s Mad Men featured the titular Don Draper and his “apple”, which is used by Peggy Carter in the show’s final episode.

But it’s the final scene where the two sit on a porch, talking and eating apples, that will be remembered the most.

“That was the first time I’ve ever seen it, actually,” Don Draper says.

“It was the most perfect apple I’ve seen in a long time.”

“I had this big smile on my face,” Peggy Carter says.

She then asks, “Can you make a sandwich?”

Don’s response: “I could eat a whole apple, if you let me.”

Peggy Carter also revealed that she didn’t even know she was supposed to be eating apples until the episode was aired, which was after she had been filming the episode.

“I just had to make a little mistake,” she says.

The scene has now become a staple of Mad Men’s final seasons, but not always for the best.

“People forget how much time Peggy has spent with this apple,” producer Matt Weiner says.