How to make your own fiber fruits

Mott’s Fruit Snacks is selling its fruit snacks at the grocery store and at farmers markets in New Hampshire.

The company, founded in 2015, says it is the first to offer organic, sustainable, gluten-free snacks.

The snacks, which are available in flavors like “Bubba Kush,” “Hemp Mango,” and “Bread,” are all made with whole grains and are not full of artificial ingredients like the ones in popular foods like Oreos.

Mott’s has been selling fruit snacks for about a year in New England and in other states, including Vermont and New York.

The company is the latest to join the ranks of food companies that are working to diversify their food products from processed food to produce locally. 

Mott has been working with the Farm Fresh Food Lab in New York to create a new kind of snack for its customers.

The Farm Fresh food lab in New Yorks.

Muntons Fruit Snack Factory in Manchester, New Hampshire, sells all of its products at farmers market and online, according to  Muntons.

They have recently started to sell the fruits and vegetables they produce at their factory to local stores in the New Hampshire area, Muntions website states.

Farm Fresh food factory in Manchester.

Muntions products have also made it onto Amazon Prime.

The company has been featured in Food Network’s  Best of 2017 show, “The 100 Best Things You Can Eat and Drink.”

Muntisons has a growing list of celebrity endorsements.

The Muntings fruit snacks have become a hit with the Muntones family and are being sold in the Motts’ grocery store in Manchester and other grocery stores in New NH, the company said.

It is not the first time that Munties has tried to market to families with children.

Last year, the Mootys started selling its apple pie to children with autism.

A Muntion family member also gave Muntts the thumbs up when the Motto line was introduced in 2018.

“We want to serve people the best food possible,” Muntys said in the video.