Trump has been a disaster for US fruit flies

Donald Trump has done a lot of damage to American fruit flies, and his presidency has led to a number of the insects dying and being released into the wild.

Trump has banned the use of the pesticide Dicamba on a large scale, and he’s proposed a plan to kill off the insects before they can spread to other crops.

His actions have led to the release of thousands of fruit flies into the market.

The US Department of Agriculture has issued several advisories, including one that suggests that Dicamab is not the way to go, but it doesn’t really matter.

The USDA has also said that the insecticide is safe to use on apples, but the vast majority of the apple production is on apples grown by farmers in the US.

A report by the University of Maryland’s Center for Applied Meteorology (CAPE) published last month suggests that the fruit fly infestation has reached the point where it’s too risky to spray apples with Dicampax, or any other insecticide.

That’s because many fruit flies have evolved resistance to the pesticide, which is also the reason the pesticide was banned in the first place.

“We know that resistance is a good thing.

It allows us to get a much more robust response to the threat posed by pests,” CAPE co-author Scott Kappler told National Review.

“And if you can mitigate the risk of resistance, you’re going to see a much greater reduction in the risk from the pest.”

In a 2016 paper, Kapplner and his colleagues found that fruit flies can be killed by Dicapax by applying the insecticides in a vacuum and not spraying on the fruit.

But Dicab is more expensive and the risks are higher, which makes the process less appealing for farmers.

“Farmers are more willing to put up with the extra cost and risk associated with using the pesticide than to have the pesticide used on their own crops,” Kapplin said.

“They are willing to take that extra risk because they know that they can minimize their exposure to pests, and there are more pesticides available.”

CAPE says the pesticides aren’t harmful to humans.

But it doesn