What you need to know about the fruit picking boom in Australia

The fruits of fruit picking in Australia are getting bigger, cheaper and better than ever before, and the country is experiencing the fruit boom in its own backyard.

Key points: Australia’s fruit picking industry is expected to grow by nearly one-third in the next five years to nearly US$8 billionThe boom is the result of the government’s $6.6 billion research project on fruit pickingA government study says fruit picking is “on the rise”Australia’s fruit and vegetable market is expected by 2020 to grow $2.3 billion a year, the government saysThe Federal Government has released its Fruit and Vegetable Product Research (FVPPR) project, a $6 billion effort to help the nation’s fruit, vegetable and horticultural industries grow.FVPpr will examine the value of the country’s fruit products and identify potential ways to ensure the sector can stay competitive.

Key points:The federal government’s Fruit and Veggie Product Research project is set to cost about $6 million to $8 million over five yearsA major part of the project will be to create a national fruit market, where farmers can buy and sell their produce from producers and retailers across AustraliaThe Federal Productivity Commission (FPPC) has released a report into the fruit and veggie sector that looks at the state of the Australian fruit and vegetables market.

The FVPPR study, funded by the Federal Government, will examine a range of different factors to understand the growth and potential of the fruit industry.

The report says the fruit market is on the rise, with growers and retailers seeing a surge in demand for the products that are available in Australian markets.

“The growing market in the US, and in Europe, has also led to a major increase in demand in Australia,” the report states.

“In addition, the growing popularity of organic produce, the emergence of micro-farms and the availability of locally grown produce from small farms have resulted in the rapid expansion of the market.”

Australia is also well placed to attract the attention of the US and European markets, and this will have an impact on our competitiveness as a country.

“The FPC report looks at several factors that affect the price and availability of fruit, vegetables and fruit and salad.

The main factors considered by the report include the availability and quality of fruit and the price of fruit in the marketplace, including retail price, pack and market prices.

It also looks at factors like the availability, quality and price of fresh fruit, fruit and seed and the quality of fresh vegetables and vegetable products in Australia.

The Federal Department of Agriculture and Food released the report in conjunction with a statement from Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce.”

Our research shows fruit and fruit products in the market are up for grabs.

A $6-billion fruit and potato project has shown the Australian market for fruit is worth more than a billion dollars annually, with fruit prices rising significantly in recent years,” he said.”

This new research will help to inform the FVPpr program as it looks at how we can maximise our opportunities to grow and grow our own supply of fruit for our customers.

“The fruit and food sector is a major industry in Australia, accounting for about a quarter of GDP.

In 2016, the sector was worth about US$3.4 billion, according to data from the Australian Centre for Agricultural Economics.

A major reason for the boom is that the federal government has been putting money into research into the fruits and vegetables industry to understand what the market is looking for, the report said.

The fruit, veggie and vegetable industry is also expected to be growing by about one-quarter in the coming years, with the FPC research projecting that the sector will grow to US$2.7 billion by 2020.

In the past few years, Australia has seen a lot of innovation in the fruit, and vegetable and fruit, salad and vegetable farming sectors, the FPPC said.

In addition to the research, the department is also releasing a number of initiatives that are being implemented in the sector, including the National Fruit and Vegematier Program.”

More and more farmers are getting involved in the new generation of fruit-growing, and we are seeing that more and more people are taking up the new role of the farmer,” the FFPC said in its release.”

It’s not only about growing a crop; it’s also about getting the farmer to grow what he or she wants and needs.

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